Evergreen@Beauty Pro Magazine Dec 2014

Evergreen was interviewed by Beauty Pro Magazine during Cosmoprof Asia 2014. Miss Wong, our business development associate, introduced Evergreen’s new product ‘Human Fuel’ and also our sister company’s (Beauty & Health Ltd) product – MFIII Nano cell Extracts.

Human Fuel is a great nutritional supplement for anybody, but especially beneficial for children and elderly. It contains over 50 essential water soluble minerals and amino acids that the body needs that helps the body to absorb nutrients efficiently. Please click here for more details.

MFIII Nano cell Extracts (available in over 80 different types) is a high quality anti-ageing supplement that can be taken sublingually. The fresh cellular materials are carefully procured from animal-derived fetal cells and prepared as ultrafiltrates with a diametral size of 3 nanometers and a molecular weight of less than 10 kiloDaltons (kDa) while still retaining high levels of cellular bioactivity. This allows users to intake the supplement sublingually to maximise the benefits. Our recommendation is Female/Male Revitalisation sets which are very effective for middle-aged clients who wish to slow down ageing. For more details, please call Beauty & Health Ltd +852 2151 2626.






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