Melatonin Plus


Melatonin is a natural hormone produced in the human body that triggers quality sleep. Ageing or high stress level reduces melatonin secretion.Melatonin Plus is suitable for individuals who are concerned about quality of sleep. Melatonin Plus tablets are extracted from 100% natural plants with Zinc and Selenium added.

Evergreen’s Melatonin Plus is made in Italy, a unique formula with the addition of Zinc and Selenium that increase the effectiveness of attaining quality sleep.

Melatonin Plus helps to relieve sleeping problem and attain quality sleep allowing the body to rest and achieve self-healing. It reduces the effects of jet lag and allows the body to adjust to the new time zone more effectively. It is high in antioxidant and helps to balance the body’s hormones.

One bottle contains 30 tablets of Melatonin plus for a month of supply. It is recommended to take one tablet per night, half an hour before sleeping and to stop one day for every full week of intake to achieve optimum result. Melatonin Plus is most effective for sleeping in a dark environment.168724349

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