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Why do we need nutritional supplements?

Living in today’s fast moving and dynamic global environment, many people have hectic lifestyles and may not pay enough attention to food consumption. Unnoticeably, they do not acquire sufficient nutrition that the body needs each day. Stressful life also reduces their ability to effectively absorb nutrition from food.

Worst of all, we are surrounded by a world full of processed food. Not only do they contain lots of undesirable additives, but also their nutrition values are undoubtedly very low. Unfortunately, for the sake of convenience, people often consume these kinds of food which are bad to our health. For example, instant noodles contain lots of saturated fat that can potentially cause heart diseases and high blood pressure. Moreover, it has little dietary fibre but vast amount of preservatives, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and food colouring which are harmful to our body. That is why people living in cosmopolitan societies like ours often are suffering from “malnutrition”.

In order to ensure our body function normally and healthily, we should maintain a balanced diet comprising natural nutritional supplements. They form a crucial part in providing sufficient nutrition to our body, strengthening our immune system against diseases, achieving anti-oxidation and rejuvenating effect.


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