Vegi-Enzyme Beverage


Natural Vegi-Enzyme Beverage is suitable for individuals with stressful lifestyles and irregular eating habits. It is a high quality, concentrated and nutritious enzyme beverage produced from the fermentation of a vast range of natural vegetables and fruits for over long period of time.

Enzyme is a type of complex protein which is crucial for the human body’s metabolism and function. Without enzyme, there will be no life. Our body can only produce a certain amount of enzyme and the rest is absorbed from food.

Often people do not eat enough vegetables and fruits daily to generate sufficient level of enzyme that the body needs. Furthermore, enzyme is destroyed under high temperature so most cooked food has lost the enzyme that it naturally contains. If the human body does not have enough enzyme for a long period of time, the body’s metabolic rate will decrease significantly, causing blockages in the internal organs and subsequently develop long-term diseases. The easiest and safest way to supply the body with sufficient amount of enzyme is to drink enzyme beverage daily.

Evergreen’s natural Vegi-Enzyme Beverage is made in Taiwan through a fermentation process of more than 100 natural vegetables, including fruits, kampo herbal, seaweed, mushroom and 13 kinds of probiotics. The fermentation process is longer than 500 days in order to produce the high quality nutritious enzyme. This enzyme was tested in laboratory for its SOD-like enzyme activity level and the result is 12600 SOD units every litre. In comparison to the other enzymes in the market, Evergeen’s natural Vegi-Enzyme’s SOD activity level is more active and better quality, fermented with more ingredients for a longer period of time.


Natural Vegi-Enzyme Beverage helps to decompose heavy metals, toxins and detoxify the body daily. It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It also helps to stimulate metabolism, increase body strength, balance the body’s acidity level, cure bad breath, improve acne problems and revitalise skin. The active probiotics help digestion and maintain a healthy digestive system.

Evergreen’s natural Vegi-Enzyme is bottled into two different sizes. The large bottle contains 750ml, around a month’s supply. The small bottle contains 60ml. It is recommended to separate into 1 - 2 intakes on an empty stomach before meals, adult 30- 60 ml daily and children aged under ten, 20 ml daily.

The enzyme beverage can be mixed with warm/cold/ice water and diluted 8-10 times. Temperature must not be over 40 degree Celsius. It can be taken undiluted, with honey, pineapple or lemon juice. It can also be used as a dressing with salad, rice, udon etc.

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