A visit to “Buddhist Compassion” Magazine’s new home in Lai Chi Kok


“Buddhist Compassion” Magazine is the most renowned magazine in Hong Kong that records Buddhist activities, published for the purpose of the purification of the heart and peaceful society. Through sharing different life stories, they aim to spread love and positive energy in the world.

“Buddhist Compassion” Magazine’s new home in Lai Chi Kok is a very comfortable and home-feel office. We are very delighted to see that they found such a great place for the staff. Evergreen had the privilege to enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch with organic vegetables there on that day. We thank the owner’s (Patrick and Wendy) for their kind hospitality!

“Buddhist Compassion” Magazine has supported Evergreen’s Spirulina for a long time as many readers of the magazine have been long term consumers of the product. Patrick said: “For many years I have been taking Evergreen’s Spirulina and I feel that my body is more energetic and filled with positive energy as if I were reborn as a new human!”

Evergreen wishes to congratulate “Buddhist Compassion” Magazine’s 16th anniversary! They will be holding a fund-raising vegetarian feast on 2015-09-12 at Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre with a rich evening program:
– 15 minutes scripture coping for the purification of the body and mind
– Singing bowls sound therapy
– Multimedia show
– Master’s blessings

Once again, we wish to thank “Buddhist Compassion” Magazine’s kind hospitality!


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